Vaughn Velocity V10 Pro Goalie Pant

Color: Black
Size: Medium
Sale price$319.99


  • Taper fit waist section for secure fit
  • Taller front waist section with HD inserts
  • 400 denier nylon exterior with water repellent coating
  • Wide stretch panels in inner thigh and crotch for full flexibility
  • Added volume in front area to increase flex and allow for chest pad
  • Front area with expanded volume for larger cup fit
  • Front panel design gives added flex to pant
  • Large double layered segmented front flex padding
  • Padded belt for greater protection and adjustment
  • Flared waist section for easier torso movement
  • Full wraparound molded thigh guards
  • Thigh cradle technology to aid in thigh stability
  • Inner thigh padding extended to increase protection
  • Sport-mesh lining for quick drying, comfort and ventilation
  • Molded hip padding with tapered front for easy forward flex
  • Note: add 8-10 inches to actual waist size then match to appropriate pant size

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