Vaughn SLR4 Intermediate Goal Pant

Size: Medium
Sale price$249.99


  • Large five-hole blocks, with high-density foams
  • Lace-up front waist, provides increased adjustment and wider profile
  • Side groin pads increased flexibility and protection coverage
  • Front waist design optimized for chest pad overlap 
  • Wider looser style fit
  • Double layered padding over inner thigh seams
  • Internal padded support belt
  • Sport mesh lining for ventilation and quick drying
  • Molded kidney pads and segmented waist 
  • Wide crotch stretch for flexibility
  • Inner thigh stretch panels
  • Molded hip caps with wide coverage 
  • Extra tall tail bone pad extends to cover lower back
  • HD foam waist section padding with taller design

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