Elite Pro Insole

Size: 5/5.5
Sale price$19.99


The ‘Pro-Insole’ by elite hockey is designed and engineered as the most advanced hockey insole on the planet.
Its state of the art design has become synonyms at entry level of the game.
Premeditated in its design, every stride you make from short to long distributes extreme comfort and extreme improvement in your game.
The channels are designed to carry out your weight consistently and level the support of the skate when turning and striding.
The air holes are to assure that the moisture within your skate is managed through intake and exhaust of bad moisture into the cool air assuring that your moisture level is managed in the best possible way.
The arch and heel are contoured for extreme support of your feet assuring unsurpassed comfort and flexibility.
The ‘pro-insoles’ is also the lightest engineered insole for your skates.

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