CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet

Color: Black
Size: Small
Sale price$429.99


PROTECTION – NEST TECH 3D PRINTED LINER + D3O®, Innovative leading edge 3D printed continuous fit liner is tuned with different geometries to best manage and help absorb all types of impacts in key locations + Rate sensitive D3O® Smart Material further helps distribute impact energy.

COMFORT – NEST TECH LINER + MULTI-DENSITY FOAMS, Offers the ultimate in comfort and fit as it conforms to the shape of your head like no other liner ever has.

ADJUSTMENT – TOOL-FREE FRONT-TO-BACK ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM, Easy to use front-to-back side adjustment with a wider size range for a customized sung fit.

SHELL – SLEEK AESTHETICS AND REINFORCED SIDE IMPACT FRAME, A pro-approved look with structure stiffness for added protection on sides.

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