CCM Ribcor Team Intermediate Hockey Stick

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Curve: P88
Flex: 65
Hand: Left
Sale price$90.00 Regular price$165.00


KICK POINT – LOW KICK – Featuring a soft taper area and optimal vertical flex, our exclusive Ribcor Asymmetric Taper design maximizes loading and release.

SHAFT SHAPE – ERGONOMIC SHAFT DESIGN – Advanced ergonomic construction designed by the CCM Performance Lab in collaboration with the best hockey players on the planet.

MATERIAL – C6 WEAVE ON BLADE AND SHAFT – Developed using cutting edge design tools to substantially reduce weight without sacrificing durability.

BLADE – REINFORCED ASCENT BLADE 2 WITH PEEL PLY BLADE TEXTURE – A reinforced construction with an optimized stiffness profile that transitions seamlessly from softer in the heel to extra stiff in the toe for heightened puck feel and quick releases.

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