CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro Intermediate Stick

Curve: P90TM
Flex: 55
Hand: Left
Sale price$263.99


KICK POINT – HYBRID KICK POINT – Creates a hinge effect so you can load the stick using a perfect blend of speed and response.

TAPER TECHNOLOGY – SKELETON + – Manufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability in key moments of the game.

SHAFT TECHNOLOGY – NANOLITE SHIELD – Re-engineered shaft design optimized with a thicker carbon fiber layers protecting an ultra-light core, allowing impressive weight reduction without durability loss.

SHAFT DIMENSIONS – R-GEOMETRY – A streamlined shape with rounded corners and concave sides that keeps gaining in popularity. It delivers high performance and ultimate comfort.

BLADE – OPTIMIZED RR-100 STIFF BLADE WITH NANOLITE TECHNOLOGY – Lightest-ever stiff CCM blade delivering exceptional shot speed and control, all while improving the overalls stick's balance and feel.

MATERIAL – Sigma ST spread tow shaft and blade

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