CCM JetSpeed FT680 Junior Shoulder Pads

Size: Small
Sale price$104.99


CONSTRUCTION – DUA-LAYER CONSTRUCTION WITH PE FOAM, Low-profile design provides an extra layer of protection while providing improved flexibility hat won't slow down the competitive player.

CAPS – JDP DESIGN CAPS WITH MOLDED PE, Made from lightweight PE plastic, these caps deliver high-level protection that disperse impacts away from your shoulder joints

TORSO – VENTED FRONT BASE WITH PE PERFORATED FOAM, Lightweight yet durable chest protection that breathes so you feel light yet protected, mobile and comfortable with its sublimated lining.

STERNUM & SPINE – ANATOMCAL MOLDED PE STERNUM AND SPINE, Compress molded plastic protection.

CLAVICLE – SEGMENTED SEMI-FLOATING CLAVICLE COVERAGE, Highly protective clavicle coverage that moves with you.

LINER- SUBLIMATED LINER, High quality protective clavicle coverage that moves with you.

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