CCM EFlex 5.9 Senior Goalie Stick

Curve: P4
Paddle Length: 26"
Color: White/Black
Sale price$169.99


PADDLE TECHNOLOGY – ZEROFLUX TECHNOLOGY, Lightweight structure built to dampen vibrations for great puck feel and rebound control

MATERIAL – CARBON MATRIX TECHNOLOGY, A carbon fiber weave that provides overall stiffness and strength for better durability

FLEX PROFILE – NEW LOW FLEX WITH SOFTER SHAFT, This low flex profile has been improved to match the needs of today’s game. Playing the puck will be easier than ever with an improved and better balanced kick point

SHAFT TECHNOLOGY – ROUNDED SHAPE, the rounded shape delivers greater impact resistance and better comfort

BLADE – PEED-PLY TECHNOLOGY, Optimized texture reduces weight while increasing control of puck

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