Bauer Supreme 1S Intermediate Hockey Stick

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Curve: P28
Flex: 75
Hand: Left
Sale price$100.00 Regular price$269.99


MONOCOMP – True 1-piece construction, maximizes energy transfer from handle to blade.
Shot Technology:
MPK(Maximum Power Kick), designed to give a player their hardest shot possible, High kick point.
Shaft Technology:
TeXtreme, 20% lighter and manages stress 20% better vs 12k carbon fiber, creates a lightweight, responsive and durable stick.
Blade Technology:
RENEW CORE TECHNOLOGY, pressurized gel is placed inside the blade to improve puck feel and shot power, for added durability the gel seeks and fills cracks as they occur to prolong the life of the blade.
eLASTech, stops cracks from spreading once they occur, keep the stick feeling newer, longer.

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