Bauer AG5NT Senior Goalie Stick

Hand: Left
Paddle: 26"
Curve: P31
Sale price$369.99


  •  BORON FIBER TECHNOLOGY – Exclusive to BAUER, BORON material is strategically placed in the stick to reduce weight and provide a balanced feel.
  •  ACL 2.0 Construction – Advanced Carbon Layering 2.0 features increased amounts of thin carbon layering to absorb and transfer impact energy efficiently.
  •  LIGHT AS AIR – An ultra-lightweight construction can help you stay agile during high-pressure situations.
  •  XE TAPER – A shorter, elliptical-shaped shaft is designed for better weight distribution and is modified to optimize agility.
  •  PENTA-GRIP – Our signature VAPOR pentagonal shoulder grip allows for optimal comfort and control whenever you need it.
  •  Quad-Bridge Paddle Technology – Quadruple-Stanchion construction through the paddle for structural reinforcement.
  •  ConnecTech Handle – Lessens impact vibrations in the handle during stick saves. 
  •  Round Toe TeXtreme® Blade with Hypercore – A TeXtreme® blade reduces the overall weight, while providing a balanced feel.

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