Bauer '24 Reactor Digitar Radar II

Sale price$179.99


  • If you are a fan of seeing instant results start by tracking the strength and speed of your shot with the Bauer Multisport Radar Gun. It's effortless to set up and easy to view as you train to see results. This can not only be used for hockey but can additionally transfer over to other sports you may be playing in the offseason.
  • Portable & Easy-to-use - hands-free operations allow you to train anytime, solo or with teammates.
  • Clear display readable from 10 meters away, large green LED Display lets you easily see from a distance.
  • Optional with voice notification function to announce speed readings
  • Works for multiple sports - easily measures Shooting, Hitting, Pitching Velocity.
  • A simple mounting system that fit every post size up to 2.5''
  • High speed accuracy provides instant readings for your shots.

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