Gear Halo Pro Honing Kit

Sale price$21.99


We’ve assembled our entire assortment of premium blade care stones in a purpose built sleeve/roll to keep them organized and safe from the elements in your bag.

Our Pro Honing Kit features a precision ground Aluminum Oxide Fine/320 grit, an Aluminum Oxide Medium/240 grit, and our exclusive combination hardwood Maple burr block/Leather strop.

You’ve got everything you need to maintain your edges, or correct any issues that happen between sharpening like a pro!

  • High Grade & Precision Ground
  • Includes 3 stones:
    • Aluminum Oxide Fine/320 grit
    • Aluminum Oxide Medium/240 grit
    • Exclusive hardwood Maple burr block/Leather strop
  • Durable Canvas Protective Sleeve/Roll with Hockey Lace Tie
  • For those that take blade care as seriously as the pros.

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