CCM Super Tacks AS3 Senior Hockey Stick

Curve: P28
Flex: 75 Flex
Hand: Left
Sale price$150.99


SHAFT TECHNOLOGY – C6 WEAVE ON BLADE AND ON SHAFT– A carbon fibre weave that provides remarkable overall stiffness and strength for added durability on the shaft and blade.

KICK POINT – OPTIMIZED MID KICK – A soft mid-section allows for a longer loading period to store more energy while the stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response.

SHAFT SHAPE – T-SHAPED SHAFT GEOMETRY – This proven square-shaped design provides players with a traditional feel that fits comfortably into the hands.

BLADE – ACU4 XX-STIFF BLADE – Extra -stiff, lightweight construction featuring a tactile surface for maximum feel and shot control, plus a reinforced toe and heel for unmatched durability.

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